Doing Things By Halves = Substandard

The concept of half assing ANYTHING boggles my brain.  Why even bother in the first place if you are just going to make a feeble semi-attempt?

Take my daily Cam-a-thons commencing at 5 or 6am and ceasing for the daily at 8pm when I hit the hay in readiness for more of the same in less than 10 hours’ time!

A massive early bird, I’ve been enjoying this routine for a number of decades, long before AW even existed, if you can recall such a time.

Instead of awaking to spread the love with the assistance of one’s pert little chassis, it was shimmying on up to contort the sweaty carcass into a more regimented routine of hot yoga before bouncing back to de-spunk a few real life cocks.

I had a brief stint at camming from a very nice but rather basic home studio but it really didn’t work out for me. You will have to come and visit the all singing all dancing one I tease and amuse myself from these days!

Fast forward a few years it’s pretty much the same with the flexible fingerings and cock de-seeding, just in bigger and more extravagant surroundings!