Smoking Fetish

Has been requested such a lot recently but alas you’ve missed the boat on that one, sugardick!

That filthy habit is one I ditched a while back.  Moving onto rolling one’s own pure tobacco still had me hacking like a good ‘un and looking as grey as the ash I was desperately sucking into my lungs and feeling like the very poison I was subjecting my poor little carcass to.

Once, many years ago, I did a smoking fetish session that had me virtually puking up.  Not being much of a chain smoker at the best of times, it was expected to be pretty much smoking the whole time and it was grim as fuck.

A bit like a recovering alcoholic, it’s just not possible to have ‘just the one’.  Mainly because it’s fucking minging and it doesn’t make any sense to conduct a high quality health regime only to piss on one’s own chips with a regular hit of carcinogens.

As orally obsessed as one may be, I can think of a multitude of things I’d far rather be getting my chops around!