My real time availability is in short supply due to a wealth of personal and business commitments.

Escorting is a fun part time job which I do during the week in the afternoons.

This gives me plenty of time to teach my fitness classes, train my PT clients, indulge in vital self care and spend time with precious family & friends.

So it will be no surprise that I am not available for same day bookings or even phone enquiries which inevitably were always from those who have adamantly circumnavigated How To Book.

Just as avoiding my modus operandi is of course your choice the resultant outcome is that a meeting will simply not materialise.

It’s all about priorities. Make me yours and I will make you mine. πŸ’–

Be Nice

To your body: What you feed it is what it is made of. You can’t make a luxury apartment from twigs any more than you can make a vibrant and strong body from Gregg’s pasties.

To yourself: Our internal chatter can be shockingly mean and is usually left untended. There really is no need to be so abusive or critical and a happier disposition can be acquired from devoted self parenting to the inner child to whom we all still provide a home.

To people you come into contact with: Intention will go a long way. They will feel it. You will be it. They will love you for it. On some level you will receive the rewards. So even if you do it for selfish gains – be nice!