You want to see my WHAT?

My feet are not, how shall we say, conventionally beautiful so it is always one heck of a surprise that they are frequently requested for fetish play!

Especially bunion lovers who adore the wacky angles they can naturally contort into after several bunioneictomies (not called a Bump n Run for nothing) only served to make them worse each time.

Them not being the epitome of perfection sure doesn’t stop me looking after them. Quite the reverse. I consider my home pedicures the epitome of indulgent necessities except without the dirty foot baths, catty side chat and being sliced with fetid callous knives down to the bone, leaving me limping for days.

One of my subscribers requested much more foot content and if I’m not catering to my fans who the fuck am I here for anyway.

Naturally, I do catch a lot of hate on my socials whenever they’re on show but what the fuck they expect me to do about them, fuck only knows.

This never ending winter really takes it toll on my skin, but at least I’ve got my freshly painted tootsies beautifully oiled up.

Want to see?

Pretty Titty Cum Lube

How long has this stuff been in existence and why was I not informed?

I have litres of this jizz, because I go through, literally litres of this stuff what with my predilection for cream pies and facials.

It’s brilliant that you do too, because I get to film loads of these hot filthy clips with my face being splattered with gallons of it on a regular basis.

Just how we both like it.

It also looks quite pretty against my freshly tanned titties after it spills seductively from that deceptively dirty mouth.

What do you think?

Girl on Girl Armpit Sniffing & Licking

Those with the beadiest of eyes who have enjoyed my salacious offerings over the years will note that I caught back up with the salubrious Joanna Lovell.

And even more Lovell-y she was too!

It was an absolute blast to film this kinky armpit adoration piece which we did courtesy of 3 separate cameras and a cameraman, because we’re both a bit extra like that.

If you like to watch two glamorous kinky bitches slobbering over each other’s sensitive, smooth armpits then you’re in luck.

The photo set is in the Private Gallery and the MP3 is in the Erotica section.

Click on the pic to get taken to where you can watch the trailer before you purchase the whole thing.

I hope you love them as much as we did filming them!

Sold! Fetish Spike Heels

After not too long at all and certainly quicker than it took to update, the battered used heels were sold but good news is that I do have another pair of fetish pumps for sale!

Since they aren’t smelly enough for the more discerning perverts they are heading for the charity shop instead especially as I can’t squeeze my feet into them anymore thank goodness!

The last thing I want are shoe shaped feet 😂

Well Worn Dirty Battered Used Knackered Old Fetish Spike Heels

Who wants them? £9.99 + p&p

I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before the back end glitches that prevent the little clip showcasing these pumps gets fixed. I’m on it!

I was very excited to see this functionality after years of suggestions that a more immersive way of showcasing one’s goodies from the sales department would be mighty useful and lo! There is is one day.


Unfortunately it’s not working quite as intended and the tech specs of one’s little clips are not being made public but I’m hopeful this will change in due course.

In the meantime, I think I’ll stick the clip in my movies collection so you don’t miss out on this little bargain. The same price as it is for my dirty panties, this is a steal!

The Joys of “Cheap and Nasty”

Check out my cheap nasty fetish thigh length boots!

Click here to link to my explicit photo gallery on AW

Cheap they may be (if £100 is cheap to you), nasty they sure fucking are.

Perhaps this is precisely why they are so popular with all those fetishistas who love this toned & tiny frame contorted in all sorts of positions easily reaching back to drag the heel close to those juicy buns whilst being anally impaled.

Yet to find a decent pair of leather boots similar, especially with these tiny little legs in both length & most definitely girth!

My even cheaper, but not quite so nasty leather ones are on their last legs but are to be snapped up by a boot sniffing pervert who will be taking them away after his visit since they have definately had their time in the limelight.

Not carrying any extra weight does have its down sides as much as the delectable darlings dominating the curvaceous department.

Smoking Fetish

Has been requested such a lot recently but alas you’ve missed the boat on that one, sugardick!

That filthy habit is one I ditched a while back.  Moving onto rolling one’s own pure tobacco still had me hacking like a good ‘un and looking as grey as the ash I was desperately sucking into my lungs and feeling like the very poison I was subjecting my poor little carcass to.

Once, many years ago, I did a smoking fetish session that had me virtually puking up.  Not being much of a chain smoker at the best of times, it was expected to be pretty much smoking the whole time and it was grim as fuck.

A bit like a recovering alcoholic, it’s just not possible to have ‘just the one’.  Mainly because it’s fucking minging and it doesn’t make any sense to conduct a high quality health regime only to piss on one’s own chips with a regular hit of carcinogens.

As orally obsessed as one may be, I can think of a multitude of things I’d far rather be getting my chops around!