Girl on Girl Armpit Sniffing & Licking

Those with the beadiest of eyes who have enjoyed my salacious offerings over the years will note that I caught back up with the salubrious Joanna Lovell.

And even more Lovell-y she was too!

It was an absolute blast to film this kinky armpit adoration piece which we did courtesy of 3 separate cameras and a cameraman, because we’re both a bit extra like that.

If you like to watch two glamorous kinky bitches slobbering over each other’s sensitive, smooth armpits then you’re in luck.

The photo set is in the Private Gallery and the MP3 is in the Erotica section.

Click on the pic to get taken to where you can watch the trailer before you purchase the whole thing.

I hope you love them as much as we did filming them!

Doing things by halves = substandard

The concept of half assing ANYTHING boggles my brain.  Why even bother in the first place if you are just going to make a feeble semi-attempt?

Take my daily Cam-a-thons commencing at 5 or 6am and ceasing for the daily at 8pm when I hit the hay in readiness for more of the same in less than 10 hours’ time!

A massive early bird, I’ve been enjoying this routine for a number of decades, long before AW even existed, if you can recall such a time.

Instead of awaking to spread the love with the assistance of one’s pert little chassis, it was shimmying on up to contort the sweaty carcass into a more regimented routine of hot yoga before bouncing back to de-spunk a few real life cocks.

I had a brief stint at camming from a very nice but rather basic home studio but it really didn’t work out for me. You will have to come and visit the all singing all dancing one I tease and amuse myself from these days!

Fast forward a few years it’s pretty much the same with the flexible fingerings and cock de-seeding, just in bigger and better surroundings!  

What’s in a name?

What a great fucking name! #adultwork #DirectCam

As is immediately apparent from the increasing variations of my name, monikers are so much fun to create.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to let folk know what they are letting themselves in for, and so the most accurate name was born!

So you can imagine my delight when “Pleasefuckmydad” graced my direct cam room today, instantly upgrading my already fabulous day with his awesome name and playful disposition.

Not a fan of those names I can’t pronounce; that’s just selfish!  Same as the numbers.  “1169373” doesn’t really have quite the same ring to it as “Pleasefuckmydad”.

Not only is he obviously a nice filthy fucker, but a polite one too.

What’s not to love?  

Is Nothing Sacred?

After over a decade of enjoying the ride that is the Almighty AW, naturally a profile of this calibre attracts the attentions of the clueless numpties.  In the absence of any creativity of their own, the more inept inevitably turn to blatantly copying my own original text.

Not only from the main body itself but most recently, the fucking interview!

How low can one really stoop?

Neither AW nor I are ones for taking intellectual property theft lightly and once you are on the radar for being a shifty sort, it is inevitably a slippery slope before you are deleted permanently.

Just ask some of those tragic tits who have fucked with me in the past!

But the clueless cunts got to be quicker/better than that as my creative juices know no bounds and just as one’s education increases with unmatched perpetuity, and so does the ever evolving profile in all its multifaceted glory.  

EXPOSED: HotPJ the cum junkie

I do love speaking to my filthy perverted friends on Adultwork and today I had the pleasure of speaking to one particular pervert who love love loves being exposed for the dirty little cum drinking cumslut that he is, so much so that I recorded a 2 minute snippet leaving it FREE so that all and sundry could hear what faggy things he loves to get up to on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

He later bottled it & requested it to be taken down, as they inevitably do…

“Is it Really You?”

There are varying reasons for this tedious question to which I am subjected on a regular basis!

It’s not as though you can’t cross reference the images with:

To double check!

In all fairness, there is a fuck ton of image nicking about, but if you have found me here, on my site or then you are all good!

Chelsea, Darling!

I am loving Chelsea so much these days, I appear to have holed myself up here in my scenic tower, venturing out mainly for nibbles, beauty treatments & zumba classes when I’m not cavorting around the big (soon to be ROUND) fuckbed!


If the rather fuckable estate agent is to be believed (be quiet – he’s been a total treasure!) It is only a few weeks until I exchange on the next Porn Pad Project which is all terribly exciting!

More about that later…

Poorly Poorly AdultWork • Edited 10th June 2014

Another day, another bit of poorlyness at my lovely adultwork boo!

Short term it’s fine no problemo as I am practically fully booked today here in sunny Paddington but we do need to again consider where else to advertise given that this is not the first nor the last time this is happening.

My eggs are far from being in this one sexy basket but even so, 99% of my work comes from this site.

Slightly worrying, to say the least, time to add to one’s advertising venues methinks!

AdultWork is a bit poorly

We all have our off days and AdultWork is no exception!

Except here they are enduring a DDOS attack, not just letting the tea boy run the show!

Everything happens for  a reason and this, like any other perceived pain in the arse, is no different!  It serves to make us realise just how reliant we are/were on AW & what the shitting fuck we would do without it.

Now is that time to start considering contingency plans & cease to put all one’s eggs in that, large and admittedly very lovely as it is, basket.

I had to do this years ago when I used to keep fucking up, doing things wrong & kept getting booted off but even so, like many, I do heavily rely on my home on t’interweb to service my sexual musings.

Everyone handles drama in different ways so whatever way that might be, it might be an idea to try and upgrade that modus operandi up a level & see where that takes us.  Maybe we might just give up, complain a lot and focus our energies there.  Maybe that energy would be better used in a more positive direction of registering on another cam site and getting that website up and running after talking about it for so long.

These things are sent to try us and nobody can accuse this particular event of not doing that!

Porn Central

Porn Central AdultWork Member of The Day

For some reason we seem to be appearing on The Front Page of AdultWork every Friday which is fantastic news for all our members!

We have some new members who were rescued from some douche who was robbing these girls of not only 20% of their income but also of their hard earned feedback and in one girl’s case, all her final payment when they leave

Here at Porn Central we all enjoy the benefits of clubbing together for frequent appearances on the front page, so gaining valuable exposure on one of the world’s biggest adult playgrounds

The even better news is that the bigger Porn Central gets the more often we can enjoy our exposure! From August we will be appearing on the front page 5 times per month instead of ‘only’ 4 times!

Thank you all for making this possible – without our fantastic members none of it would even be possible: