“Is it Really You?”

There are varying reasons for this tedious question to which I am subjected on a regular basis!

It’s not as though you can’t cross reference the images with:




To double check!

In all fairness, there is a fuck ton of image nicking about, but if you have found me here, on my site www.kinkydirtybitch.co.uk or www.adultwork.com/kinkydirtybitch then you are all good!

Be Nice

To your body: What you feed it is what it is made of. You can’t make a luxury apartment from twigs any more than you can make a vibrant and strong body from Gregg’s pasties.

To yourself: Our internal chatter can be shockingly mean and is usually left untended. There really is no need to be so abusive or critical and a happier disposition can be acquired from devoted self parenting to the inner child to whom we all still provide a home.

To people you come into contact with: Intention will go a long way. They will feel it. You will be it. They will love you for it. On some level you will receive the rewards. So even if you do it for selfish gains – be nice!