Random Advertising by Obnoxious Screenscrapers

Occasionally I receive a call from someone who has acquired my number from a site upon which I do not advertise.  To make it absolutely crystal clear, I ONLY advertise on Adultwork.

Anywhere else have stolen my images & do not have the authorisation to use them.

Thank you to all those who have reported this infuriating practice.

Chelsea, Darling!

I am loving Chelsea so much these days, I appear to have holed myself up here in my scenic¬†tower, venturing out mainly¬†for nibbles, beauty treatments & zumba classes when I’m not cavorting around the big (soon to be ROUND) fuckbed!


If the rather fuckable¬†estate agent is to be believed (be quiet – he’s been a total treasure!) It is only a few weeks until I exchange on the next Porn Pad¬†Project which is all terribly exciting!

More about that later…

“Where Are You?”

Mixed feelings about this one since I have a couple of penthouses, both of which are in zone 1.

Fitzrovia¬†sounds like a made up place but it’s not. ¬†The nearest tube stations are¬†(in order of proximity)¬†¬†Oxford Circus & Goodge Street¬†and is a couple of streets perpendicular¬†to¬†Oxford Street &¬†parallel to¬†Great Portland Street. ¬†

I venture when I can to visit Valerie Fox (pictured) here a good 50% of the time & have limited wardrobe available for short notice bookings (if you can pin me down that is!).

Chelsea is 5 minutes from South Kensington tube on Sloane Avenue and houses the bulk of my outfits & kinky equipment.

99% of the time my profile reflects my location for that day but not always so you are forgiven for asking… “Where are You?”


Today is the Day! MMFFTS

It’s times like these I’m relieved that I’ve got my diary worked out for the week courtesy of iCal, duplicating my life across all my apple gizmos for ultimate in organisation!

Tomorrow thankfully was already earmarked for a day of essential girlie pampering before a wander along Oxford Street to my evening’s entertainment consisting of:

1 male client

1 MF couple

1 Transexual

And lil ol’ me!

If there is one thing I love more than fucking any one of the above and that is as you might guess fucking ALL of the above… AT THE SAME TIME! Oh my life, it’s going to be a blast!

Exciting preparations Afoot!

Pretty Tootsies

Please do forgive the offensive title; I was unable to resist!Today I am making my preparations to revisit The English Mansion where I will be joined by Mistress Sidonia and friends for another thoroughly kinky day of debauchery!

Given such a splendiferous occasion I decided I would treat my tootsies to an exquisitely indulgent crystal pedicure which I hope you will agree is absolutely stunning!

It’s all go at the moment and on my return from the¬†cuntryside I will be repacking in preparations for my¬†Chelsea Tour¬†next week

Who is to say how much time I will spend pootling around the girlie playground of Sloane Avenue & its environs against my intended mission of entertaining in such a beautiful location

These bad boys are going to look utterly divine liberally coated in hot thick spunk, don’t you think?¬†

Discretion is Paramount

Not being a fan of renting, my visitors & I are lucky in as much as we don’t need to worry too much about nosy neighbours who could get me evicted. ¬†But a rather indiscreet gentleman called the other day which got me thinking about another variety of indiscretion.

He proceeded to tell me about the miserable experience he had with another escort, committing the faux pas of actually naming the poor girl.  Her crime?  Having airbrushed pics (check!) & answering the door without shoes (clearly the most heinous of offences)

If he had mentioned these clearly very personal issues without any unnecessary naming & shaming there would be no problem & I would have been happy to see him but those who indiscriminately blab without due care are not welcome.

I would not feel comfortable inviting such a liability into my personal playspace, god forbid I   am anything less than perfect or the bed squeaks or some other unforgiveable act, my name will be dirt.

Oh wait…. It already is!¬†