You want to see my WHAT?

My feet are not, how shall we say, conventionally beautiful so it is always one heck of a surprise that they are frequently requested for fetish play!

Especially bunion lovers who adore the wacky angles they can naturally contort into after several bunioneictomies (not called a Bump n Run for nothing) only served to make them worse each time.

Them not being the epitome of perfection sure doesn’t stop me looking after them. Quite the reverse. I consider my home pedicures the epitome of indulgent necessities except without the dirty foot baths, catty side chat and being sliced with fetid callous knives down to the bone, leaving me limping for days.

One of my subscribers requested much more foot content and if I’m not catering to my fans who the fuck am I here for anyway.

Naturally, I do catch a lot of hate on my socials whenever they’re on show but what the fuck they expect me to do about them, fuck only knows.

This never ending winter really takes it toll on my skin, but at least I’ve got my freshly painted tootsies beautifully oiled up.

Want to see?