How not to Book an Escort

With years of escorting experience behind me, I have acquired something of a finely tuned bullshit-ometer, coupled with acute intuition and other intangible variables, all of which keep me safe and sane.

At 45 years old I’m comfortable. ¬†Not flashy, jet setting around the world bragging on Instagram about my latest superficial splurge in yet another gorgeous hotel; not really that frivolous¬†but not fearing the bailiffs or wondering if I¬†can afford a holiday this year – that kind of ¬†comfortable.

This means I don’t need¬†to work; I work because it’s fun, the sex interesting and the money¬†is great, even with my 1-booking-a-day-more-like-a-week.

Bearing this in mind, you can imagine just how¬†easily it is to NOT get a booking. ¬†It could be something that I can’t quite put my finger on – perhaps the brusque, dismissive manner puts him on my¬†Do Not Answer list. ¬†Or maybe the agitated¬†abusive swearing demonstrated by today’s latest Block List addition – KaneForFun (an ironic choice of moniker in retrospect since he sounded anything but)¬† on Adultwork, who called on¬†DirectChat when my number was not appearing, as is often the case when I feel like taking enquiries by¬†Email.

After further investigations into his claims that he had booked a male escort called Cameron¬†from¬†Maxes Angels it turns out they have no male escort of that name, according to Max himself. ¬†¬†Another tick in the¬†close call box I’m sure you will agree.

You only get one chance to make a first impression/fuck it up. ¬†Don’t be like Kane.

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EXPOSED: HotPJ the cum junkie

I do love speaking to my filthy perverted friends on Adultwork and today I had the pleasure of speaking to one particular pervert who love love loves being exposed for the dirty little cum drinking cumslut that he is, so much so that I recorded a 2 minute snippet leaving it FREE so that all and sundry could hear what faggy things he loves to get up to on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

He later bottled it & requested it to be taken down, as they inevitably do…