Doing Things By Halves = Substandard

The concept of half assing ANYTHING boggles my brain.  Why even bother in the first place if you are just going to make a feeble semi-attempt?

Take my daily Cam-a-thons commencing at 5 or 6am and ceasing for the daily at 8pm when I hit the hay in readiness for more of the same in less than 10 hours’ time!

A massive early bird, I’ve been enjoying this routine for a number of decades, long before AW even existed, if you can recall such a time.

Instead of awaking to spread the love with the assistance of one’s pert little chassis, it was shimmying on up to contort the sweaty carcass into a more regimented routine of hot yoga before bouncing back to de-spunk a few real life cocks.

I had a brief stint at camming from a very nice but rather basic home studio but it really didn’t work out for me. You will have to come and visit the all singing all dancing one I tease and amuse myself from these days!

Fast forward a few years it’s pretty much the same with the flexible fingerings and cock de-seeding, just in bigger and more extravagant surroundings!  

EXPOSED: HotPJ the cum junkie

I do love speaking to my filthy perverted friends on Adultwork and today I had the pleasure of speaking to one particular pervert who love love loves being exposed for the dirty little cum drinking cumslut that he is, so much so that I recorded a 2 minute snippet leaving it FREE so that all and sundry could hear what faggy things he loves to get up to on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

He later bottled it & requested it to be taken down, as they inevitably do…

Getting Out of A Dodgy AdultWork Group

If you have been unfortunate enough to have signed your life away to an unscrupulous AdultWork group instead of joining one that gives you weekly exposure on the front page and unlimited advice on Skype/Yahoo/MSN, then you can take these immediate steps:

  • Stop working for the douche & copy all details of your profile into a text file
  • Start up a new (anonymous) profile with completely different information, verification documents & photos
  • contact AW to tell them what you are doing, why, & who you are escaping from
  • forget about your old profile – it was never yours – you were simply renting it for a percentage
  • Once you have been paid contact AW & report the old profile as a fake
  • Update your new profile as you wish

In the meantime you may like to do your homework on AdultWork Groups & understand the full power that the Group Managers have over your profile.

Those who have failed to do so have discovered to their financial loss that they have more control over your profile than you do

Feel free to contact me here or on skype: kinkydirtybitch if you require any further assistance or wish to join my group

Take care & play safe

Late Night/Early Morning Wood

KinkyDirtyBich amusing the All Night Boners in her fishnets & excuse of an outfit

You boys sure are UP early today! I’ve been enjoying the repetitive ramblings of one particularly kinky guy who is looking to see me & TS Liberty Harkness for a couple of hours of naughtiness soon which will be fun!  Oh the things the three of us could get up to!

Keep those calls cumming boys – I specialise in getting you off as quickly as your throbbing cock demands!