Sensual Lesbian Toy Tease

Milfy mature kinky well spoken lesbians get closer than they have ever been before.

In this photo set they take turns in pleasuring each other in frightfully English ways, after the busty red head breaks out her new toy.

Multiple camera angles capture the sensuality to perfection.

Get your photo set HERE

Girl on Girl Armpit Sniffing & Licking

Those with the beadiest of eyes who have enjoyed my salacious offerings over the years will note that I caught back up with the salubrious Joanna Lovell.

And even more Lovell-y she was too!

It was an absolute blast to film this kinky armpit adoration piece which we did courtesy of 3 separate cameras and a cameraman, because we’re both a bit extra like that.

If you like to watch two glamorous kinky bitches slobbering over each other’s sensitive, smooth armpits then you’re in luck.

The photo set is in the Private Gallery and the MP3 is in the Erotica section.

Click on the pic to get taken to where you can watch the trailer before you purchase the whole thing.

I hope you love them as much as we did filming them!

Sensual Stockings Sessuation

Every day’s a school day, especially when you’re getting together with one of Adult Work’s original Queens, Joanna Lovell Herself.

Don’t you think we make the cutest team?

Not just the fact that we share the same lithe, streamlined figure, soft, sensual dulcet tones and a preference for the quirky things in life, but we have known each other for years and it was SO good to get my hands on the sex kitten again.

It was an absolute delight to tinker with the multi cam editing to get a visual feast for the more discerning sensualists who appreciate a spot of sessuation with their stockings.

Bunions of Reddit

I have spent the first half of my 50 years being acutely embarrassed about my beloved bunions!

So you can only imagine my delight when getting my bearings here on Reddit I discover not just some bunion appreciation groups but they actually fetishise them.

From experience in live group cam shows there were the odd one or two who wanted to fixate on the toes and bunions and even wrapping them in Clingfilm, but to find just how in demand they are blows my mind! I have added my favourite reddits to my feed so you can see more.

Amica 💋

Bunions in Clingfilm!

Whatever next?

As regulars to my long standing proclivities are aware, my bunions attract all the right perverts.

On this particular occasion, one of my regular bunion lovers wanted my feet bound in a very particular sort of way.

Knowing how obsessive over details my ADHD gets me, he had me hyper focussing on folding my toes right underneath my soles with the bunions protruding out the side, with the big toe looking very much like an index finger pointing!

Well that was just as much as he could take as he virtually slathered them with his jizz in no time.

But not before I managed to capture the whole shebang on camera for us to all enjoy so thanks for that, sweetie!

click to view movie

Shiny New Geeky Toys!

Yet another “I never rest on my laurels” post.

So eventually got to basic grips with my old camera which desperately needed to keep my favourite contemporary lens company.

But my particular chipset was giving me so many headaches I actually never thought I would get my capture card working properly at one point but I wasn’t having it that £10k worth of PC was not going to support all my geeky hopes and dreams. Not for a fucking sticky minute!

So after an afternoon of tinkering, tears of frustration and then joy, I took my set up to the next level.

And fuck me does it look DAMN good!

I still look the same filthy fifty year old veteran but now you get to see it in 4k fabulousness!

Porn Star Amica Bentley LIVE on
Vintage Bintage Amica Bentley in The Naughty Corner

What a Lovely Change!

It was great to chat to a gentleman who had actually purchased my content from the legitimate source instead of downloading it from one of those shitty tube sites!

After we chatted briefly about the scene I got to thinking wanking about Jim Slip & Lara Latex who were wonderful to work with. We created a hot yet fun scene full of character as well as great sex, which is what makes their site as successful as it is.

Another nice change is to venture to an obscure part of the cunt-ry which is where I am right now – sunny Leicester!

I was up here seeing friends & fuck buddies so thought I would combine it with some whoring but it’s been so busy (not tricky to do – I don’t see many penises a day) I’ve not had as much time to get round everyone!

On my last couple of days up here & you guys have made me so welcome it’s been so fun! The rest of the time I’m on cam so looking forward to luring a few more into my bed before one returns to London on Wednesday.

Return To The English Mansion

Tranny bondage outdoors

It was a wonderful treat to be invited to return to The English Mansion yesterday

As usual it was kinky, dirty & more than a little bitchy when I had the fantastic fortune to be introduced to Lady Nina Birch who was in a horny mood & had dragged back an oversized cock to enjoy but on seeing the freakish appendage decided it was good for nothing but copious amounts of verbal abuse

Once we had sent that one on its way we dragged another one out into the huge grounds & got him to lick my spunky minge clean from my little “getting to know you” party earlier where I had gone round all the slaves, using their cocks for fun & getting all nice & creamy because I do love a nice thick sticky creampie being licked out of my hot sweaty growler

Later I was introduced me to her Rubber TV Dolly who was pleasingly trussed up in exquisite bondage which complemented her tight full rubber encasement perfectly; her huge big tits were adorned with my slobber as I dribbled all over them, leaving my lipstick prints emblazoned like badges of honour

Noting my obvious enjoyment at such a sight she rather kindly brought in another TV dolly who we used to tease the inescapably restrained rubber slut. They were both absolutely gorgeous & I was in utter heaven seeing them taunt & tease in such a slutty fashion

After a spot of lunch we ventured in to the vast grounds of The Mansion where she had the best surprise ever – The Mansion Rubber Puppy (complete with waggy tail, paws & ears) who was seriously the most adorable thing ever! She showed me what tricks she could do, and unsurprisingly, how slutty she was. Clearly the darling little puppy had been very well trained and was extremely happy living in her pretty little house in such beautiful surroundings. She was very affectionate and a it of an attention whore, lapping up every last scrap of physical attention like the naughty little bitch she was!

I do love meeting like minded kinksters and we had so much fun we arranged to catch up again just as soon my busy schedule allows which will be in September.

In the meantime you can see the photos & movies of my day in their entirety over on The English Mansion