Freeview Bants

Freeview Bants

What a fun morning I had with the funsters on one of my favourite sites Streameate.

One of the reasons why I select Party Chat over Classic chat is precisely this scenario! By the way, you need to know that new messages appear at the top of the screen for it to make sense*

So I had been chatting with Talltrees who had disappeared earlier and I asked what happened. His wife had walked in oops!

And sharp as you like, GuyNextDoor chirps up that his wife walked out 😂

It’s the little things that make me smile

Not those little things; there’s a Small Dick Tax for those 🤑

Abusive Texts

Just one of the many abusive texts they send

After literally decades of abuse, I’m naming & shaming the cunts who seem to think it’s ok to send this nonsense.

This high profile guy it turned out worked at the time for the Financial Times and really should know better.

What kind of damage does one incur that makes them think that sending this to ANYONE is okay?


My real time availability is in short supply due to a wealth of personal and business commitments.

Escorting is a fun part time job which I do during the week in the afternoons.

This gives me plenty of time to teach my fitness classes, train my PT clients, indulge in vital self care and spend time with precious family & friends.

So it will be no surprise that I am not available for same day bookings or even phone enquiries which inevitably were always from those who have adamantly circumnavigated How To Book.

Just as avoiding my modus operandi is of course your choice the resultant outcome is that a meeting will simply not materialise.

It’s all about priorities. Make me yours and I will make you mine. 💖

The Young Student

I had the delight of visiting a young man in mummy and daddy’s beautiful home recently. It always makes it so much more civilised when one can park on the grounds away from the busy London street.

Bless him, he was a bit shy, had no clue what he wanted and hadn’t booked an escort before. These are circumstances in which I particularly excel and wasted no time in seducing the fuck out of the boy.

I must admit I did end up performing rather lewd and filthy acts over and beyond what was expected to ensure he got a memorable experience.

Needless to say, he was efficiently despunked and I left him with a smile on his cherub like face.

Sold! Fetish Spike Heels

After not too long at all and certainly quicker than it took to update, the battered used heels were sold but good news is that I do have another pair of fetish pumps for sale!

Since they aren’t smelly enough for the more discerning perverts they are heading for the charity shop instead especially as I can’t squeeze my feet into them anymore thank goodness!

The last thing I want are shoe shaped feet 😂

Well Worn Dirty Battered Used Knackered Old Fetish Spike Heels

Who wants them? £9.99 + p&p

I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before the back end glitches that prevent the little clip showcasing these pumps gets fixed. I’m on it!

I was very excited to see this functionality after years of suggestions that a more immersive way of showcasing one’s goodies from the sales department would be mighty useful and lo! There is is one day.


Unfortunately it’s not working quite as intended and the tech specs of one’s little clips are not being made public but I’m hopeful this will change in due course.

In the meantime, I think I’ll stick the clip in my movies collection so you don’t miss out on this little bargain. The same price as it is for my dirty panties, this is a steal!

AW Removes Pre Booked Skype Shows


When AW first started about 15 years ago, there was none of this Directcam malarky; just webcam bookings and that was pretty much it! And one hell of a little earner that has always been.

So you can imagine my dismay when it was bizarrely announced that tidy little income stream was withdrawn.

Until one tenacious little fucker booked me later in the day for a phone chat WITH VIDEO for my usual rate. Result!

Not one to let things slide, this morning I went through my ridiculously long Skype contact list and let folk know that all is not lost and they can still book their chats through AW should they so wish.

And didn’t they just!

This is one of my AW long time regular clients who enjoy booking webcam shows through the site who was so delighted to see he had not lost his preferred mode of payment after all, that he purchased half an hour of play.

So worry not if you Directcam doesn’t work for you; so many people have problems with the system too. Video chat on Skype is still an option; it’s just an extra £1/min.

My Skype name is kinkydirtybitch, just to make things even more straight forward!

The Joys of “Cheap and Nasty”

Check out my cheap nasty fetish thigh length boots!

Click here to link to my explicit photo gallery on AW

Cheap they may be (if £100 is cheap to you), nasty they sure fucking are.

Perhaps this is precisely why they are so popular with all those fetishistas who love this toned & tiny frame contorted in all sorts of positions easily reaching back to drag the heel close to those juicy buns whilst being anally impaled.

Yet to find a decent pair of leather boots similar, especially with these tiny little legs in both length & most definitely girth!

My even cheaper, but not quite so nasty leather ones are on their last legs but are to be snapped up by a boot sniffing pervert who will be taking them away after his visit since they have definately had their time in the limelight.

Not carrying any extra weight does have its down sides as much as the delectable darlings dominating the curvaceous department.

Anal Fisting

There are a lot of sexy arses presenting themselves as multi hand warmers at the moment!

An unexpected last minute visitor who had snaffled my number from the profile page for stress relieving emergencies such as this called on the hour and by half past was encasing both of my petite little hands within his capable crevice.

I am repeatedly informed that with such sensitive matters, it is necessary to visit someone who “knows what they’re doing” partly to have a rip roaring time with their cute little arses smiling approvingly at my endeavours and partly because it can be an infuriating process when a less than proficient pair of hands venture into one’s descending colon.

Myself both a giver and a taker of tiny hands, you can be absolutely certain when visiting, you will be in the most capable ones.   

Doing things by halves = substandard

The concept of half assing ANYTHING boggles my brain.  Why even bother in the first place if you are just going to make a feeble semi-attempt?

Take my daily Cam-a-thons commencing at 5 or 6am and ceasing for the daily at 8pm when I hit the hay in readiness for more of the same in less than 10 hours’ time!

A massive early bird, I’ve been enjoying this routine for a number of decades, long before AW even existed, if you can recall such a time.

Instead of awaking to spread the love with the assistance of one’s pert little chassis, it was shimmying on up to contort the sweaty carcass into a more regimented routine of hot yoga before bouncing back to de-spunk a few real life cocks.

I had a brief stint at camming from a very nice but rather basic home studio but it really didn’t work out for me. You will have to come and visit the all singing all dancing one I tease and amuse myself from these days!

Fast forward a few years it’s pretty much the same with the flexible fingerings and cock de-seeding, just in bigger and better surroundings!