AW Removes Pre Booked Skype Shows


When AW first started about 15 years ago, there was none of this Directcam malarky; just webcam bookings and that was pretty much it! And one hell of a little earner that has always been.

So you can imagine my dismay when it was bizarrely announced that tidy little income stream was withdrawn.

Until one tenacious little fucker booked me later in the day for a phone chat WITH VIDEO for my usual rate. Result!

Not one to let things slide, this morning I went through my ridiculously long Skype contact list and let folk know that all is not lost and they can still book their chats through AW should they so wish.

And didn’t they just!

This is one of my AW long time regular clients who enjoy booking webcam shows through the site who was so delighted to see he had not lost his preferred mode of payment after all, that he purchased half an hour of play.

So worry not if you Directcam doesn’t work for you; so many people have problems with the system too. Video chat on Skype is still an option; it’s just an extra £1/min.

My Skype name is kinkydirtybitch, just to make things even more straight forward!

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