The Intermittent Fasting Eating Window

I’ve got something juicy you can chow down on but gently as you go, eager beaver!

One of the bonuses after one has ditched the health wrecking sugar in its many guises is that the new nutrient & fuel dense way of eating offers the obvious benefit of not needing to spike insulin more than is absolutely necessary.


As a working fitness trainer I found that skipping breakfast was great and those fasted HIIT sessions are so much easier without the drain of limited fuel source of sugar slowing the body down.  The metabolic flexibility of training to become fat adapted is not just in it’s unexpected aesthetic  benefits and what can be better than gaining muscle & losing visceral fat?

You see, you don’t lose weight to get healthy; the health happens when you ditch the carbs and the toxic flab being carted around unnecessarily.   I didn’t embark on an inflammation reducing WOE to lose weight, being an enviable ectomorph miraculously with little insulin resistance of which to speak.  Fuck knows how I got away with that one, with my previous carbatarian eating predelictions!

As anyone who has ever embarked on the metabolism damaging, miserable standard DIEts will testify, lowering the caloric intake & upping the activity is hardly sustainable but still folk buy into that horse shit and wonder why they’re still fat & miserable.

Fuck that!

We want to feel full, satisfied, healthy and above all – happy.   Looking at inconsequential minutiae such as calories is utterly ridiculous especially when you consider the good news that tissue distribution is primarily down to what you shovel into your face.


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