Is Nothing Sacred?

After over a decade of enjoying the ride that is the Almighty AW, naturally a profile of this calibre attracts the attentions of the clueless numpties.  In the absence of any creativity of their own, the more inept inevitably turn to blatantly copying my own original text.

Not only from the main body itself but most recently, the fucking interview!

How low can one really stoop?

Neither AW nor I are ones for taking intellectual property theft lightly and once you are on the radar for being a shifty sort, it is inevitably a slippery slope before you are deleted permanently.

Just ask some of those tragic tits who have fucked with me in the past!

But the clueless cunts got to be quicker/better than that as my creative juices know no bounds and just as one’s education increases with unmatched perpetuity, and so does the ever evolving profile in all its multifaceted glory.  

Say something (remember to play nice!)

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