AdultWork is a bit poorly

We all have our off days and AdultWork is no exception!

Except here they are enduring a DDOS attack, not just letting the tea boy run the show!

Everything happens for  a reason and this, like any other perceived pain in the arse, is no different!  It serves to make us realise just how reliant we are/were on AW & what the shitting fuck we would do without it.

Now is that time to start considering contingency plans & cease to put all one’s eggs in that, large and admittedly very lovely as it is, basket.

I had to do this years ago when I used to keep fucking up, doing things wrong & kept getting booted off but even so, like many, I do heavily rely on my home on t’interweb to service my sexual musings.

Everyone handles drama in different ways so whatever way that might be, it might be an idea to try and upgrade that modus operandi up a level & see where that takes us.  Maybe we might just give up, complain a lot and focus our energies there.  Maybe that energy would be better used in a more positive direction of registering on another cam site and getting that website up and running after talking about it for so long.

These things are sent to try us and nobody can accuse this particular event of not doing that!

1 thought on “AdultWork is a bit poorly

  1. Agreed.. have to be positive and open minded. I am going to be much more careful with money from now on to, you never know when you might need it. And I am glad I am not the only one who used to get booted of all the time LOL! Have to play by the rules 😛


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