Return To The English Mansion

Tranny bondage outdoors

It was a wonderful treat to be invited to return to The English Mansion yesterday

As usual it was kinky, dirty & more than a little bitchy when I had the fantastic fortune to be introduced to Lady Nina Birch who was in a horny mood & had dragged back an oversized cock to enjoy but on seeing the freakish appendage decided it was good for nothing but copious amounts of verbal abuse

Once we had sent that one on its way we dragged another one out into the huge grounds & got him to lick my spunky minge clean from my little “getting to know you” party earlier where I had gone round all the slaves, using their cocks for fun & getting all nice & creamy because I do love a nice thick sticky creampie being licked out of my hot sweaty growler

Later I was introduced me to her Rubber TV Dolly who was pleasingly trussed up in exquisite bondage which complemented her tight full rubber encasement perfectly; her huge big tits were adorned with my slobber as I dribbled all over them, leaving my lipstick prints emblazoned like badges of honour

Noting my obvious enjoyment at such a sight she rather kindly brought in another TV dolly who we used to tease the inescapably restrained rubber slut. They were both absolutely gorgeous & I was in utter heaven seeing them taunt & tease in such a slutty fashion

After a spot of lunch we ventured in to the vast grounds of The Mansion where she had the best surprise ever – The Mansion Rubber Puppy (complete with waggy tail, paws & ears) who was seriously the most adorable thing ever! She showed me what tricks she could do, and unsurprisingly, how slutty she was. Clearly the darling little puppy had been very well trained and was extremely happy living in her pretty little house in such beautiful surroundings. She was very affectionate and a it of an attention whore, lapping up every last scrap of physical attention like the naughty little bitch she was!

I do love meeting like minded kinksters and we had so much fun we arranged to catch up again just as soon my busy schedule allows which will be in September.

In the meantime you can see the photos & movies of my day in their entirety over on The English Mansion

4 thoughts on “Return To The English Mansion

  1. Wow what i would have given to share in this delightful get away, Amica your pictures and movies drive me competely wild, those playful rubber friends of yours are addictive and look very edible for play time mwoah.xx


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