Exciting preparations Afoot!

Pretty Tootsies

Please do forgive the offensive title; I was unable to resist!Today I am making my preparations to revisit The English Mansion where I will be joined by Mistress Sidonia and friends for another thoroughly kinky day of debauchery!

Given such a splendiferous occasion I decided I would treat my tootsies to an exquisitely indulgent crystal pedicure which I hope you will agree is absolutely stunning!

It’s all go at the moment and on my return from the cuntryside I will be repacking in preparations for my Chelsea Tour next week

Who is to say how much time I will spend pootling around the girlie playground of Sloane Avenue & its environs against my intended mission of entertaining in such a beautiful location

These bad boys are going to look utterly divine liberally coated in hot thick spunk, don’t you think? 

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