Discretion is Paramount

Not being a fan of renting, my visitors & I are lucky in as much as we don’t need to worry too much about nosy neighbours who could get me evicted.  But a rather indiscreet gentleman called the other day which got me thinking about another variety of indiscretion.

He proceeded to tell me about the miserable experience he had with another escort, committing the faux pas of actually naming the poor girl.  Her crime?  Having airbrushed pics (check!) & answering the door without shoes (clearly the most heinous of offences)

If he had mentioned these clearly very personal issues without any unnecessary naming & shaming there would be no problem & I would have been happy to see him but those who indiscriminately blab without due care are not welcome.

I would not feel comfortable inviting such a liability into my personal playspace, god forbid I   am anything less than perfect or the bed squeaks or some other unforgiveable act, my name will be dirt.

Oh wait…. It already is! 

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